Carriage Courts
Condominium Association

PO Box 29
Washington, MO 63090-0029


Every owner automatically becomes a member of the Association when they purchase their unit.  We are a close community that looks out for each other.  Our mission is to maintain the quality of the community for the benefit of all owners.  Board members are elected at the annual meeting for a three year term.  The board meets a minimum of once per quarter with other communications handled via email.  If you are interested in serving on the board and sharing your talents, we are always looking to diversify.

Please email us today!  info @

Volunteer Board of Directors:

President: Connie Voss
Treasurer: Tom Dill – Congratulations Tom!
Cheryl Thompson, Member
Valerie Tinsley, Member
Richard Hudanick, Member
Casey Campbell, Member

Click here for a map of the complex (.pdf)

NOTE for deliveries: Sidewalks lead to front doors, driveways lead to garages.  Each building is numbered at the common front and garage door, if applicable.
NOTE for realtors: Inquiries and requests may be emailed to us.

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